Contact Aerial Forest Protection Service (Russia)

The Aerial Forest Protection Service (Avialesookhrana) is a Russian government agency charged primarily with the aerial management of forest fires. It is considered a branch of the Russian Federal Forest Service.[1] It is famous for the creation and use of smoke jumpers; paratroopers who parachute down into villages in the path of the fire to warn them and assist in evacuation procedures. Smoke jumpers also jump directly into forest fires to assist with fire extinguishing.

Aerial Forest Fire Center "AVIALESOOKHRANA"
Address: 20 Gorki Street, PUSHKINO, Moscow, RUSSIA 141200
Phone: (495) 993-3430; (496) 532-2585
Fax: (496) 532-9220

FBC "Avialesookhrana" (eng)
141200, Moscow region, Mr. Pushkin, UL. Bitter, d. 20
Telephone: + 7 (495) 993-31-25
Fax: + 7 (495) 626-9931