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Ameristar Air Cargo, Inc. is an American passenger and cargo airline based in Dallas, Texas, USA. It operates passengers and cargo services in the Americas, as well as acting as a broker to other cargo carriers. Its main base is Addison Airport in north Dallas, with hubs at Willow Run Airport, and El Paso International Airport.

Passenger Services:

Address: Ameristar Jet Charters, 4400 Glenn Curtiss Drive, Addison, TX 75001
Telephone: 972 248-2478/ 800-368-JETS
Fax: 972 725-9047/ 972-931-6011

For calls made from within the United States, by telephone via the Toll- Free Hotline for Air Travelers with Disabilities:
1-800-778-4838 (voice) or 1-800-455-9880 (TTY),

By telephone to the Aviation Consumer Protection Division:
202- 366-2220 (voice) or 202-366-0511 (TTY),

By mail to the Air Consumer Protection Division, C-75, U.S. Department of Transportation, 1200 New Jersey Ave., SE., West Building, Room W96-432, Washington, DC 20590, and

On the Aviation Consumer Protection Division’s
Web site: http://


Employment Opportunities: