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Pullmantur Air formerly written as Air Pullmantur is an airline based at Madrid, Spain, that operates a selection of charter flights to its owner group, Pullmantur, some charter flights to other airlines and it also operates long-haul services to several Caribbean destinations and feeder services for Pullmantur Cruises to Scandinavia from its main base Madrid Barajas International Airport.

Pullmantur Air Headquarter:
Address: Mahonia nÂș2 - C.P. 28043 - MADRID
Telephone of customer service: 902·300·747

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You can take advantage of this “Choose your Seat” service using their call center on 902 300 747 if you are calling from Spain or +34 915563213 if you are calling from abroad. This telephone service involves a surcharge of €2 per passenger, which will be added to the cost of your booking.

If you do not have internet access, you can call our Customer Service on 902 095512 if you are calling from Spain or on +34 91 5563213 if you are calling from abroad.

You can also access the reservations service by phone to choose your seat and the “Fly in Style” package using our call centre, on 902 565747 if you are calling from Spain or +34 915563213 if you are calling from abroad.

If you prefer, at Spanish Airports, you can reserve assistance at the airport yourself by contacting the Spanish public airport operating body, AENA on or by calling the call centre on 902 404704. Remember that you must notify them with at least 48 hours notice.

The contact telephone number for the Baggage Telephone Service Centre is 902 570285 for national calls and +34 91 5368443 for international calls, within the following 48 hours. Address: Apartado de Correos 36.178. 28020 MADRID, SPAIN. E-mail address:

Customer Service Centre
Phone: 902 09 55 12

Pullmantur Air has a Pilot Training School:
The TRTO (Type Rating Training Organisation) is Pullmantur Air’s area specialised in training pilots in B747-400 Type Rating and the TRI (Type Rating Instructor) course.
Telephone: +34 91 418 86 61
Fax: +34 91 418 87 59

If you have a project in mind or need to move cargo for which Pullmantur Air fleet of B747-400 airliners and regular flight scheduling may be of interest, do not hesitate to contact Pullmantur Air for an estimate and rates, either through Pullmantur Air contacts or Pullmantur Air GSA (General Sales Agent). Pullmantur Air commercial team will reply to you as soon as possible
Cargo Department
Telephone: +34 91 418 86 55/ +34 91 418 87 60
Fax: +34 91 418 87 59

Commercial Department
Telephone: +34 91 418 87 60
Fax: +34 91 418 87 59